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Welcome to Barcelona


The ABTCat ( Beach Tennis Association of Catalonia) hosts the 17th annual IFBT (International Beach Tennis Federation) World Championships. This World Cup event will be held in Barcelona, the Catalan capital, from June 29-30 and July 1-2, 2017.

Barcelona is one of the most important cities in the Mediterranean and one of the most visited worldwide. The city is a unique and magical tourist destination. The emblematic streets from the District of St. Andrew to the Gothic Quarter capture the essence of the ancient peoples which now defines the city known today as Barcelona.

Barcelona's location on the Mediterranean coast can have pleasant temperatures in summer and winter. Barcelona has 5 km of beautiful beaches equipped with medical, security and sports facilities in addition to a boardwalk with unique views of the Catalan coast. These conditions make for an ideal summer destination for lovers of the sport of beach tennis.

In 1992, Barcelona hosted its most renowned sporting event, The Olympic Summer Games. From there, the Catalan capital has built and maintained an infrastructure that is conducive for athletics. It is a pleasure for the ABTCat and IFBT to invite teams to participate in the 17th IFBT BEACH TENNIS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

Let the show begin !


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